The Principle of Repetition

I was reading “The Non-Designer’s Design Book” 📖 by Robin Williams.
I was reading about the Principle of Repetition 🔁 and something struck me.

🔁 Repetition has power.
The repeated thing becomes a part of the memory. How you use this memory is up to you!

There are a lot of things we repeat everyday by habit.

🤹‍♀️ Conscious repetition is what we actually need…to change the bad habits or to inculcate good habits.

❔But have we been conscious enough to push through, to repeat and change something?
❔How much was our effort?
❔What are the things we still need to change?

Some 15 years ago, I dreaded changes, because the changes that were happening without our control over our (family’s) lifestyle were not acceptable. None of us liked it.

What did we REPEAT in those times?
Grieving, burning, shedding tears, WE ARE WEAK attitude and watching things move.

So, always comes a time when you would not want to be sad any longer.

What did we then REPEAT?
The bad changes happen fast and the good takes time…the good is the creation, it takes time. Slowly, changes happened.


A Whole Apple Learning

🍎 One thing that I learnt from one of my habits which I had when I was a toddler (my mother keeps repeating about it).

🍎 I never took a piece of apple from anyone.

🍎 I never liked a slice, always a whole apple…which I would eat slowly but finish it.

⚓I was always firm with what I wanted, with whoever I wanted to be with and whatever I wanted to do.

🔨But time does test you hard and will take you off the track!

🧐 Never mind, just be aware of the happenings around you.

🌼 Be focused and be selfish for your well being! Be sure!

No one can stop you from making it for yourself. 🌼

जंगल में निवेश – कविता

भोली भाली चीची आई,

डरते डरते मां को समाचार बताई—

“जिस पेड़ पर रहते हैं हम,

जिस पर खाते, खेला करते हरदम,

उस पेड़ को काटेगा कोई।”

कहते-कहते खूब वो रोई।

चीची की मांँ गई थोड़ी डर,

बोली, “परिवार है पेड़ पर निर्भर।”

“ना सिर्फ मेरा या पड़ोसी का,

जंंगल है तो जीवन है हर पशु-पक्षी का।”

चीची की मांँ ने बनाई योजना,

“जंंगल बचाने की सब में जगानी है प्रेरणा।”

“चलो सभी राजा जी के पास,

अब उनसे है आखिरी आस।”

शेर राजा ने कहा, “एक उपाय है सही”

“खून–खराबे से कुछ होगा ही नहीं।”

“सभी को भेजना होगा संदेश मनुष्यों के घर

कि उनका भी जीवन है जंगलों पर निर्भर।”

“पेड़ सारे तुम काट दोगे अगर

कहांँ से आएगा ऑक्सीजन धरती पर”

“न रहेंगे पशु, न मिलेगा दूध,

होगा जल संकट और पर्यावरण अशुद्ध।”

पशुओं ने भेजा मनुष्यों को संदेश—

“करें सभी जंगलों में निवेश।”

The Two-Way Street


Every kind of relationship is a two-way street. Reciprocation is the key. For the want of something, you must be ready to give.

Each day you come across this two-way street but you still forget and begin to take things for granted.

At work, at office, if all do not go by it clashes will happen. You cannot engage every time in a “road rage”.

Salary is a driving factor for employees. A lot is dependent on the salary and it doesn’t need to be explained. Services can be obtained only with payment. Services shouldn’t be absolutely free.

The same rule applies in personal relationships too. You give, then you get. But when you start getting more than you would have ever received, do you take the giver for granted?