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Education is the tool which has enabled civilisations after civilisations to grow as a society. It contributes to individual growth and enhances human potential intellectually as well as spiritually. Working in education industry was my dream since my school days and I realised it to its fullest.



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Design Mystery

My thoughts…


So many people, many faces, many voices. All sorts of creatures and all sorts of earthy features. Then, there are sun, moon, planets, stars and other heavenly bodies.

The design of this universe is unique. I sometimes wonder about the architect who designed the universe. It is only a mystery that has not been solved and I think, it won’t be solved in the future as well. Isn’t this design perfect?
No doubt, it is.

The things around us develop curiosity in us, curiosity to create or to explore beyond what you see in front of you. There is a kind of relationship that exists between us and the things around us, whether we already knew about it or not. We were created to make use of these things or to create more, say invent something. Now, how did that become possible? Neurons? Intelligence? Again, a mystery. Why did the neurons develop that way?

Whatever humans have been doing for very long has become a culture, a tradition and the skills are passed on to new generations.

For instance, the artwork, the painting, the cuisine and so on. Someone or maybe a group of people would have begun doing these things long back, but it is still a mystery how their brain got the idea. Yes, we can say that humans have been that way.

It is amazing to see skilled people working with perfection. The curves, the lines, the dots, all on the right spots. Have you ever seen a Madhubani art, from Bihar or the stone carvings in Ajanta caves, in Maharashtra? They can only leave you in awe with their magnificence. They display incredible skills of people who designed them ages ago.

Source: Wikipedia

What made the people in those times think so perfectly? Were they aware of the design of the universe or they too were curious? Curiosity makes humans do what not.

Enlightened people have told us that there is a universe within us. We are made of the same elements the universe is made of. Will the creator of the universe, who created us too, allow us to decipher everything here? Will the creator let us only be curious and wonder at everything? Is the creator asking us to only enjoy our existence?



Here is my new love poem.


I don’t know how much justice I could do to it but I have tried my best to write something different.

The poem includes a few #Spanish terms to enhance its feel.

Here it goes…

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The Three Cs of Thinking

“Critical thinking is not enough”

When brain is trapped in only critical thinking, it is no more constructive and creative.
All the three Cs are essential.

Thinking must have a constructive and creative approach too.

“Error free” is considered absolutely right – which is not a real approach.

When someone is constructive and creative, he or she will make errors as well. Critical thinking can be then applied to the learning. The “why”, “how” come into action.

Challenging the thoughts is positive and will always lead to new ideas; it is productive. This is how new inventions and discoveries have happened on the planet.

Creating case studies (Tips)

Knowledge sharing

“How to create engaging case studies for your blog posts?

The good case studies are the ones that:

  • Tell a real story

  • Raise a thought-provoking issue

  • Have elements of conflict

  • Promote empathy with the central characters

  • Encourage readers to think and take a position

  • Are relatively concise

Source Book — Tools for teaching, Barbara Gross Davis

Love Poem: Share With Me (a/v)


Valentine’s week is going on. I hope you are enjoying your time thoroughly with your loved ones.🌹 However, when our loved ones are close to us, each day is day filled with love. It is a blessing in itself.

Sending best wishes 💐

Here is a love poem that I composed.

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“Accelerated Learning” (By Mark Gennari)

Recently read-


The goal of Accelerated Learning is to deliver more content in less time.

“Main Thoughts”

1. Pay attention not only to a large amount of substance, but to the anchoring of the substance

2. Learning can and should be fun

3. Try to work up the contents according to the brain

4. Switch between active and passive learning activities

5. Create a positive learning community

6. Use peripheral information

7. Involve the participants actively in learning

Only Freedom It Wants (short read)


What I have experienced…

The least you expect from something/someone, the better it/he/she performs—after devoting your best in it/him/her.
For example, my writings that I upload on my blog. The least I expect from a work, the more number of ‘likes’ it has got me in return.

Now, recall some instances related to things and people, when the same has happened with you.

When you let it, I think it works with its own energy…free-will I call it.

Not just people or animals/plants love freedom, things love freedom as well.

Remember, when you apply your energy, you apply force. You don’t let anything bud in its natural place, with its natural energy. You kind of suppress it.

Can growth be achieved forcefully?
When you add more than required artificial fertilisers to plants, what happens?

You thought it right!!

It is better to keep it/him/her in your heart, in your emotions, in your prayers.

Pray/Wish for the well-being. Be happy to send a happy, positive energy.

“Let it go and let it grow.”


Maharaj Shivaji’s Guerilla Tactics (short read)

For those who would hear this name for the first time, please do take some time to read about one of India’s greatest and smartest kings, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Though he lived for around 50 years, his strength and skills are unique and provide great lessons for every person on earth.

A patriot who kept enemy on their toes and alert till the time he lived. He was a people’s leader who is still loved by all aware Indians.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj ki Jai 🙏🏻

Read on…


Veer Shivaji’s enemies had unlimited troops, artillery and ammunition as compared to equipment owned by his soldiers. It was difficult for him to fight the enemy but he cleverly used local terrain for warfare.

The dense forests of Maharashtra (India) having deep valleys, ghats and hills obstructed the steady movement of the enemy carrying heavy artillery.

In contrast to this, each Maratha soldier carried light arms, such as a shield, a sword and a spear. So, the soldiers climbed the hills with more speed.

Maratha soldiers were popular for their strength and Shivaji took advantage of these physical qualities effectively. Thus, it proves that Shivaji was a greatest military genius.
Shivaji attacked the enemy troops by isolating and demolishing them unit by unit without leaving them time to get prepared.

Shivaji’s troops always hid quickly after an attack.
Thus, he polished his and his troops’ guerilla warfare skills and destroyed the enemy.


Image courtesy: DNA India, India Today

The beginning of a career


I would have drowned after dropping out of my college.

But do you know who held my hands and saved me?

…Not an organisation, not a company, not a successful person, but some children

…Some children who wanted to study, the ones who accepted me wholeheartedly to train them!