Poem: Let Love Go Viral (a/v)

Hi all,

Everyone is home; some people are working and some people are just staying at home and enjoying their time with their loved ones, their family members. Some people would be with their friends also and someone would be just with his or her beloved.

It is the high time to strengthen our relationships and create an unbreakable bond. Let us commit to love and care.

Love is a natural healer, it will heal all the differences.

Please listen to my poem a/v that I have uploaded on my YouTube channel.

Poem: Let Love Go Viral

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Thank you

Stay safe


©Sneha K, Pen and Book

If ready to donate…

PM of India has shared the details to contribute towards the treatment and care of Covid2019 patients and for dealing with the other issues arising due to this pandemic in the country. This money will keep going towards the health care whenever needed in future.

The details are in the image below. I contributed what I could. Would you too…?

Are you solution oriented?

🚃 🚃 🚃 🚃

We may not know what will happen tomorrow but we can always learn and be prepared.

Indian Railways sets up isolation wards inside the halted coaches to accommodate new patients of #Covid2019 infection.

The coaches have been equipped with all the facilities that would be needed during the isolation of the patients, such as better electric supply, space and of course hygiene, which is being ensured by keeping it clean and putting up curtains dividing the coach into sections.

If we keep talking about what is already happening, how people are suffering, what the world is going through, who let the virus out of the lab, obviously we won’t get to the results where we would want to reach.

Therefore, it is very important to be solution oriented. The more you think of solutions, the more you will be inclined to seek it during every crisis.

Decide what you want to talk about from now on—what is not working, or what can be done to make things work.

An organisation that employs the maximum number of people in the country and has set a world record!

People first.


©Sneha K, Pen and Book
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What’s happening?

At the end of this, either the world will have too many babies or too many divorces…

Or maybe both!!!!!!!!!!!


“Families staying home”

My parents not with us.

But my brother and I haven’t killed each other yet!

He stays in one room and I in another.

But demand for food and beverage is what is consuming most of my time.

I am working throughout the day and sleep just 6-7 hours, no extra rest!

I know this too shall pass.

How is it with you all?



Kids at home?

दूरी, है बहुत ज़रूरी (Hindi poem a/v)

India is observing “Janta Curfew” today. It is a nation wide lockdown for public which was requested by the PM of India to control the spread of infection by Corona virus.

I have been writing related to it all for a few days. Here is my new poem to make people aware of social distancing:

Listen to it using this link:

दूरी, है बहुत ज़रूरी

I am sure you will enjoy this amusing poem!

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Thank you

Stay Home

A free verse by me


I know that you know,
I know that you are a pro
I know that you are aware
I know that you don’t stand and stare


But let me repeat it here
That if you slightly care
Get back to your abode
Don’t increase the load


Of pain and worries
Of useless queries
Keep yourselves safe
Enjoy this weird break


Take some time to read
Take some time to heed
On personal and family care
This time is obvious and rare!


©Sneha K, Pen and Book

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What days

(Not taking it’s name, you know what’s the game!)



What kind of days are these?

Weird; tasteless; worries.

No one at ease;

In a dwelling, everyone is at “freeze”!

Is it here for a lesson or just lead us to frustration?

Do we seek meaning from it or just ditch it as rubbish?

It scares me to peep out a window;

It scares me to get a soothing touch.

Isolation, for protection?

Or protection for every generation?

Nah, there seems no way out!

It is here for us to scout—

Medicines, relief measures,

Things that are current real treasures.


©Sneha K

शरणार्थी (Refugees)/Hindi poem

Recently, a lot of things happened in India over the CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act). There are many Hindu and other refugees who have been in India for long and are awaiting to get citizenship status from Government of India.

Not commenting further on the act, I am only sharing a heartfelt of a refugee, the displaced. I am sure you’ll like it.


अब हम ना किसी मंदिर के हैं, ना किसी गुरुद्वारे के,

अब ना हम किसी देश के हैं ना किसी

गलियारे के।

हम हैं वह पीड़ित शरणार्थी जिनकी कोई अब ज़मीन नहीं।

बस एक आसमान है सर पर, पर अब उस पर भी यकीन नहीं।


और कोई नहीं तो बस जिंदगी अब साथ है,

ज़मीन का आसरा ना है, आशियाना बर्बाद है।

ले चलें कदम जिस ओर चले जाएंगे वहीं,

होगी राहत, मिले शरण अगर तुम्हारे देश में भी।


बचे हैं कुछ पिछली ज़िंदगी के किस्से,

शेष रह गये हैं बस अपनी यादों के हिस्से—

कुछ रिश्तेदारों की बातें, कुछ पड़ोसियों के साथ खोए पल,

बच्चों की वो ज़िद, कुछ परिवार में हलचल।


कहतें है बड़े लोग, पुरानी बातें भूल जानी चाहिए,

नयी यादों के लिए दिल में जगह बनानी चाहिए।

पर कोई यह नहीं बताता, अब यहांँ से कहाँ जायें?

जब हमारी कोई सुनता नहीं तो नयी यादें कैसे बनायें?


किसी ने कहा, “जिसका कोई नहीं, उसका ईश्वर होता है”।

पर मुझे न मिले वो, बता दो अगर उनका भी कोई खास पता है।

जब घर जल रहे थे हमारे, तब ईश्वर क्यों नहीं आए?

क्यों हमें उन्होंने इतने आँसू रूलाए?


Free sharing

“Free sharing on free social media”

Without some free social media accounts, I feel really free, have more free time to communicate on the most important platforms I consider very useful.

When I had deleted my FB, Insta and Twitter accounts on the same day, last year I had not thought of much. I only knew that I need to prioritise where I am going to post more.

So, I worked on my #YouTube channel. I know I have still a long way to go but I have started my #journey and hopefully will speed up this year.

I have been #writing more on my #Linkedin account as well and I am quite satisfied with it.

Yes, less followers I have. But, it doesn’t matter much because I am focused more on what I am sharing with the world. It is the age of content; followers will follow as they come to know what I am doing. And of course interested and like-minded people are connecting.

I haven’t given up or stopped and that is what keeps me engaged to write better, to be more productive with gradually improving #skills.

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