Thinking (1 min read)

​When it comes to introducing myself I always wonder for a moment what I should say, apart from name, profession, where I belong to etc. Describing myself in limited words is really difficult. I find it funny too.

 I am a thinker. 

This is what I say, but just in my mind. Or write down where it’s asked. 

There is no limit to thinking. No boundaries. I have read everywhere that one must think out of the box but read just once, somewhere, think like there’s no box. I liked it. Free thinking. 

Lessons must be given from an early age on why to think and, of course, how to think. Critical thinking makes us sensible. It is a skill that can be acquired by training. Collect your thoughts. Make folders in your brain. It is not difficult. Try to interconnect them when needed.

Thinking right and positive thinking will only help you in life. Negative thinking will lead to nowhere in the long run. It also affects your health. 

Thinking is also a kind of meditation. It fills you with energy and confidence. Thinking helps you survive during tough times. It casts various fears away. Thinking, gradually wipes out the haze from your brain. It detangles life. Who would not want to make life easy? 

Pondering helps there.

“Think in present for the past is gone and the future is uncertain.”


(Image of Lord Buddha in meditation captured by me at Sarnath)


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